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The Launch of Yebo Tube!

Yebotube is the Yebo! way to demonstrate custom packaging, binder and box information. The videos are short snippets of custom box projects, custom packaging ideas and loose-leaf binder creations. The diversity of Yebo products and the developers ideas are shown here to drive creativity. Custom box styles and recommended shipping box uses are discussed in our Custom Packaging Instructional Video section. Definitely do not miss our marketing and promotional videos, as this are showcases some of our most interesting custom packaging projects. Our new product packaging area features products you might just need. Worn out? Check our fulfillment team completing the full service packaging circle. Contact Yebo! for custom packaging, custom box and custom binder needs.



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Andrew Tosh

Andrew Tosh’s Summary
Andrew Tosh Andrew Tosh, the owner of the Yebo Group, has been in packaging design and development for 19 years. He has a deep understanding of protective packaging and shipping containers. He worked for manufacturers of flexible packaging and protective packaging before starting a packaging distribution company in Southern California. After selling his business he started the Yebo Group to continue to help people find solutions to there packaging needs. Andrew Tosh’s Specialties: Custom boxes, packaging, binders, package design, protective packaging, flexible packaging,

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